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BARTsmart shows BART train schedules at a glance, so you always know when the next trains depart and arrive. BARTsmart is perfect for everyone who rides BART, commuters and casual riders alike.

BART schedules are updated in real-time and instantly accessible via Mac OS X's Dashboard. Your favorite stations are remembered, so you only have to select them once.

BARTsmart is accurate and easy to use. Save time, stay on time, and never miss your train! BARTsmart: the smartest way to ride BART.

Key Features

  • Displays real-time BART schedules
  • Remembers favorite stations
  • Transfer indicator  Transfer Indicator (T)
  • Built-in version checking
  • Automatic schedule updates
  • Strike alert and news flashes
  • Small and clutter free

New to version 0.7.5
  • Reverse route shortcut
  • Full multi-transfer support

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Latest News 

  Pleasant Hill - Concord Service Interrupted

An equipment problem near the Concord station has interrupted service between the Pleasant Hill and Concord stations. Bus service has been setup to carry passengers between the stations, where riders can board a train to continue on to Pittsburg-Baypoint.

The incident was initially reported at 12:29 PM. There is no estimate as to when the problem will be resolved and service fully restored.

Update 2:00 PM
Trains are running again throughout the Pittsburg-Baypoint line. No further details have been provided about the cause of the problem and it is still under investigation.

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Three Spare The Air Days = Free Rides

Today is a Spare the Air day and BART is offering free rides all day, along with other transit agencies. Public transportation is a great way to help the environment, especially on days like today where every rider can make a significant impact!

This year, free rides will be offered for the first three Spare the Air days, ending on October 13th.

For more information, see the Bay Area Air Quality Management site, 511.org transit info, sparetheair.org and BART's news.

Update - June 23rd
With soaring temperatures, the Air Quality District has declared Friday a Spare the Air day. Once again all transit fares are free! So do your part to help the environment and your pocketbook: ride BART and mass transit!

Update - June 26th
Monday has been declared another Spare the Air day, the third weekday in a row. Once again all transit fares are free! This is the last day of discounted fares this year.

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  Power Outage Delays Trains

A power outage suspended service this morning and delayed trains to San Francisco and the Peninsula. The outage was caused when a Daly City train hit a piece of metal on the tracks which collided with the electric third rail. This occurred around 8:30 AM and impacted the morning commute system-wide.

The train that struck the metal stopped on the tracks and riders abandoned the hot and stuffy train. SFO-bound riders had to find alternate ways to get to the airport. Power was cut throughout the peninsula starting at the 24th street station.

Update - 10:30 AM
Power has been restored to the system, however delays are still present system-wide. Riders heading to San Francisco from the East Bay should expect delays up to 20 minutes. Riders heading to the peninsula, including the San Francisco Airport, should expect additional delays of up to 20 minutes.

Update 2 - 1:45 PM
All trains are running back on schedule again.

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  Time Change

Don't forget to adjust your clocks ahead one hour, Sunday marks the start of Daylight Saving Time. This year Daylight Saving Time ends on October 29th but next year will be different.

Effective 2007, Daylight Saving Time will be extended for an extra month. It will begin earlier on March 11th and end later on November 4th. The goal is to save more energy and to update Daylight Saving Time to be more inline with today's work schedules. After review, this change could become permanent if approved by the Senate.

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BART Troubles Redux

BART has addressed the problems that plagued the system over the past few weeks that ended with a two hour outage that stranded 35,000 commuters. BART apologizes for the problems and explains that the latest issue was caused by a faulty fix that was rushed out prematurely in an attempt to avert further problems.

Riders have grown tired of the delays and service interruptions, especially since information is poorly communicated to passengers. One rider even created a site titled BART Rage to draw attention to the issues with the system and permit fellow riders to vent their frustrations.

"It's a legitimate complaint from our customers," said Linton Johnson in response to complaints that neither the BART website nor the 511.org Bay Area Transit website offered system updates. Hopefully BART will provide more information in the future. I have personally requested real-time system information from BART for many months, but this service is not yet available. Until it is, please refer to the BARTsmart site for the latest information regarding BART system status and delays.

BART has begun a full analysis of the cause of the shutdown and is investigating further. While BART claims to have a long record of installing updates without incident, this week's problem's should force them to handle things differently and always take the cautious route.

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  BART System Shutdown

BART service is suspended and the system has been shutdown due to computer networking problems. No trains are moving at this time.

Regular service stopped around 5:30 pm when the computer problem first arose. All trains were switched to manual control so they could be taken to the nearest station and passengers could disembark. The problem is different than the switching problem that plagued the system on Tuesday.

There is no estimate as to when service will be restored so I suggest you find an alternate commute. If you're in downtown San Francisco and plan to wait it out, perhaps you'd like to join me for a drink at One Market.

Update - 6:40 PM
BART service is still shutdown. Still no word as to when it will resume.

Update 2 - 7:00 PM
Reports are starting to trickle in that service may be operational. I haven't confirmed this first hand, but hopefully I'll be heading home soon (on a crowded train I'm sure).

Update 3 - 7:05 PM
I can personally confirm that BART service has resumed. The Chronicle is also now reporting that service is operational.

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