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BARTsmart shows BART train schedules at a glance, so you always know when the next trains depart and arrive. BARTsmart is perfect for everyone who rides BART, commuters and casual riders alike.

BART schedules are updated in real-time and instantly accessible via Mac OS X's Dashboard. Your favorite stations are remembered, so you only have to select them once.

BARTsmart is accurate and easy to use. Save time, stay on time, and never miss your train! BARTsmart: the smartest way to ride BART.

Key Features

  • Displays real-time BART schedules
  • Remembers favorite stations
  • Transfer indicator  Transfer Indicator (T)
  • Built-in version checking
  • Automatic schedule updates
  • Strike alert and news flashes
  • Small and clutter free

New to version 0.7.5
  • Reverse route shortcut
  • Full multi-transfer support

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Latest News 

  Bomb Scare Closes Station, Delays Trains

A bomb threat at the West Oakland BART station this morning caused the station to be closed for almost an hour and has delayed BART service system wide. BART police and K-9 unit patrolled the station and found everything to be safe. West Oakland Station was closed around 8:00 AM and reopened around 9:00 AM. All BART transbay operations were suspended, stranding approximately 20,000 passengers.

All BART trains are moving at this point but anticipate residual delays throughout the BART system, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes.

Update - 11:35 AM
Reports indicate that all trains are back on schedule.

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  3.7 Magnitude Quake Causes BART Delays

A 3.7 magnitude earthquake hit the East Bay this afternoon causing more delays for the struggling BART system. The quake was centered in Moraga at 1:41 PM and was followed by several minor aftershocks.

Anytime there is a significant quake BART holds trains and inspects tracks, requiring that trains run at half speed until the entire system is inspected.

No damage or injuries have been reported.

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  BART Delays Through Embarcadero Station

Hot on the heels from a similar incident nearly two weeks ago, an issue at the Embarcadero station this morning has delayed BART trains heading through San Francisco. Smoke was reported at the station around 9:30 and a train was pulled out of service. This has caused severe backups and there are reports of some trains being turned around.

The official cause has not yet been reported. Expect delays system-wide as the backlog of trains is addressed. I'll post an update as more details become available.

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  Fire At Embarcadero Station Halts SF Trains

A fire at the Embarcadero Station forced BART and MUNI passengers to evacuate and has halted all trains running through San Francisco. Smoke was seen (photo) rising from the station and from vents around 9:30 a.m, but it subsided after about 30 minutes.

Passengers were evacuated from stranded trains and the station. Oncoming trains have been turned back, heading back to the Peninsula from the Civic Center station or to West Oakland on the East Bay. The entire BART and MUNI system is experiencing delays.

The cause of the fire is unknown and an investigation is underway. BART and the San Francisco Fire Department have not determined when the system will be fully operational again. Delays are expected for at least one hour.

Check back for more details as this story develops.

Update - 11:00 am
Minimal west-bound BART service has been restored but there is still no east-bound service. The source of the fire has been reported as a trash fire and was spotted by a train operator. Market Street has been reopened between Davis and Montgomery streets. Free bus connections are being offered in the areas where BART routes are still affected.

Update 2 - 11:46 am
The latest reports indicate that full service has been restored in both directions. The Embarcadero station has been reopened. Anticipate 10-30 minute delays systemwide.

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Bridge Traffic Causes 11.6% Ridership Spike

BART ridership spiked 11.6% yesterday in response to a fatal accident on the Bay Bridge which caused traffic backups through Oakland and Berkeley. 45,066 passengers traveled into San Francisco versus 40,351 the previous Friday. While it is not uncommon for commuters to make a last minute decision to get off the freeway and hop on BART when traffic is bad I encourage everyone to ride BART as your daily commute.

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Delays In Transbay Tube

Switching problems have lead to delays of up to 15 minutes for trains heading to San Francisco through the Transbay Tube. East-bound trains may also be affected. My train was delayed several times near the West Oakland station before heading under the bay.

Contact me if your train was delayed or if the issues have been resolved.

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