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BART Troubles Redux

BART has addressed the problems that plagued the system over the past few weeks that ended with a two hour outage that stranded 35,000 commuters. BART apologizes for the problems and explains that the latest issue was caused by a faulty fix that was rushed out prematurely in an attempt to avert further problems.

Riders have grown tired of the delays and service interruptions, especially since information is poorly communicated to passengers. One rider even created a site titled BART Rage to draw attention to the issues with the system and permit fellow riders to vent their frustrations.

"It's a legitimate complaint from our customers," said Linton Johnson in response to complaints that neither the BART website nor the 511.org Bay Area Transit website offered system updates. Hopefully BART will provide more information in the future. I have personally requested real-time system information from BART for many months, but this service is not yet available. Until it is, please refer to the BARTsmart site for the latest information regarding BART system status and delays.

BART has begun a full analysis of the cause of the shutdown and is investigating further. While BART claims to have a long record of installing updates without incident, this week's problem's should force them to handle things differently and always take the cautious route.

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