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Power Outage Delays Trains

A power outage suspended service this morning and delayed trains to San Francisco and the Peninsula. The outage was caused when a Daly City train hit a piece of metal on the tracks which collided with the electric third rail. This occurred around 8:30 AM and impacted the morning commute system-wide.

The train that struck the metal stopped on the tracks and riders abandoned the hot and stuffy train. SFO-bound riders had to find alternate ways to get to the airport. Power was cut throughout the peninsula starting at the 24th street station.

Update - 10:30 AM
Power has been restored to the system, however delays are still present system-wide. Riders heading to San Francisco from the East Bay should expect delays up to 20 minutes. Riders heading to the peninsula, including the San Francisco Airport, should expect additional delays of up to 20 minutes.

Update 2 - 1:45 PM
All trains are running back on schedule again.

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