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Three Spare The Air Days = Free Rides

Today is a Spare the Air day and BART is offering free rides all day, along with other transit agencies. Public transportation is a great way to help the environment, especially on days like today where every rider can make a significant impact!

This year, free rides will be offered for the first three Spare the Air days, ending on October 13th.

For more information, see the Bay Area Air Quality Management site, 511.org transit info, sparetheair.org and BART's news.

Update - June 23rd
With soaring temperatures, the Air Quality District has declared Friday a Spare the Air day. Once again all transit fares are free! So do your part to help the environment and your pocketbook: ride BART and mass transit!

Update - June 26th
Monday has been declared another Spare the Air day, the third weekday in a row. Once again all transit fares are free! This is the last day of discounted fares this year.

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