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Three Spare The Air Days = Free Rides

Today (Monday, July 17th) is another Spare the Air day and BART is offering free rides all day, along with other transit agencies. Public transportation is a great way to help the environment, especially on days like today with hot, smoggy weather.

Last week $5.3 million was approved for three additional Spare The Air days. This brings a total of six Spare The Air days for 2006. On each of the past three Spare The Air days, BART ridership spiked an additional 10%.

For more information, see the Bay Area Air Quality Management site, 511.org transit info, sparetheair.org and BART's news.

Update - July 20th
Thursday has also been declared a Spare the Air day. This is the fifth day of six. Monday's Spare the Air day drew about 26,000 more passengers, an 8% increase.

Update - July 21st
Friday has been declared a Spare The Air day as well. Good for our pocketbooks and hopefully we can do our part to help the environment.

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